Exterior House Cleaning professional house washing and pressure cleaning services are ideal for property and strata management agencies, residential, commercial or industrial property owners and lease holders.

Exterior House Cleaning Offers You …

  • External House Cleaning and Soft Washing
  • Exterior High and Low Pressure Cleaning
  • Concrete Driveway and Path Cleaning
  • Exterior Toxic Mould Spore Removal
  • Sydney and Central Coast Service

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Can you remove oil stains from concrete driveways?

Unfortuneately, concrete is pourous and soaks up the oil, therefore we will clean it to the highest standard possible ... but it will leave behind stains that no high pressure cleaning can remove. Although the stains will be lighter... unless you consider re-concrete your driveway or garage flooring ... they will always be noticeable. Again in our photo gallery you will see photos of a concrete driveway that we recently high pressure cleaned. The results in these photo's make a huge impact to the presentation of your home, especially if you're considering selling your property -- as first impressions do ...

Should we soft wash before painting the exterior of our house?

You would actually be suprised at how many houses don't need to be painted once they are pressure cleaned. Having the exterior of your home soft wash will remove years of dirt and grime, mould, toxic mould spores and moss which needs to be removed prior to any painting being carried out. A soft wash can potentially save you thousands of dollars. By simply soft washing the exterior of your home can be a good base preparation prior to painting.

House Washing Sydney Wide – Saves You Time

We all pay attention to our internal housekeeping - what about the external house cleaning basics? Any surface that is exposed to natures elements needs to be cleaned often, your homes exterior surfaces are no exception. Any outside area from bricks, timber to concrete are subjected to the wind, rain, dust, pollution and more on a daily basis. External house washing is not as complicated as it may sound. For your home to look a million dollars – an exterior house wash, using high pressure cleaning and soft wash, will remove any dirt, mould, or mildew that may be eating away ...

High Pressure Cleaning – What It Can Do For You

Over the years, you've probably used and owned different kinds of power tools and equipment. From that power drill to the chainsaw, now you find yourself thinking about pressure washing your home. Do you buy one and do the job yourself ... or could hiring a professional pressure cleaner make it simpler for you? Pressure washers are considered a power tool as pressure cleaners are designed to eject hot or cold water under high amounts of pressure. The power of it forces dirt, grime, grease, and other contaminants from your homes exterior walls.

Is exterior house washing safe for family pets?

We have often been asked if we recommend temporary housing for family pets while the exterior of the home is being pressure cleaned... Temporary housing is not nessecary. Trevor and I are family men with pets of our own. As they are an important part of any family -- we just ask that you remove any pet bowls away from the exterior of the house -- so that no residue from the house wash finds its way into the bowls. Please remember

Exterior House Cleaning Sydney Information

Since you're thinking of getting your home or property professionally pressure cleaned. Here's where you can you find more about quality exterior house cleaning in the Sydney area. Firstly, deciding to have your home area professionally pressure cleaned is making a wise investment. Here's why … Did you know that with regular exterior house cleaning, the life of your house paintwork can be greatly extended? … saving you time, energy and money. And you're going to love this … did you also realise that if you're thinking of selling your property exterior house washing can literally improve your home's external appearance, increase your ...

Can Sandstone Walls be Pressure Cleaned?

Exterior House Cleaning Sydney specialise in high pressure cleaning and yes we can restore your stone to its natural glory. Please take the time to view our photo gallery where you'll see before and after shots of the sandstone walls that we have pressured cleaned and the instant results achieved.

Exterior House Cleaning Sydney – Professional cleaners make your home look like a million dollars!

Just as human skin needs protection -- the exterior of your home also needs protection from the elements. The reason being ... Our weather pattern during the last two years has been way out of the ordinary! May this year recorded Sydney’s wettest month yet! Sydney Observatory Hill recorded 168.4 mm in May which is above the historical average1 of 100.6 mm.

Are you looking for a high pressure cleaning service in Sydney or Central Coast?

A high pressure cleaning service that does the trick to remove the dirt, grime and slime from hard surfaces around your home or business property? Continue reading »

Are you looking for an after hours high pressure cleaning service in Sydney?

At Exterior House Cleaning Sydney our after hours pressure cleaning services include:

Hospitality, restaurant and retail pressure cleaning. Graffiti removal, office and commercial concrete, driveway, window, brick or tile pressure cleaning.

As well as the after hours high pressure cleaning of hotels, motels, carparks, public recreational areas and industrial premises in the Sydney wide area. Continue reading »

When you look up… do the undersides of your eaves need cleaning?

Dirt, mould, fungus and critters with webs love the underside of the eaves around the exterior of your home. The eaves or the section of roof that overhangs the wall is the perfect environment for dirt, mould, fungus, insects and bugs to flourish.
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Is it time for some paving washing and cleaning around your home?

Is it time to remove the weeds, moss and stains from your paving to give them a new lease of life?

Exterior House Cleaning Sydney specialises in high pressure paving cleaning. By washing your concrete, tile or sandstone paving Continue reading »

Does your concrete driveway need high pressure cleaning to remove the signs of constant wear and tear?

As you’re aware your concrete driveway works hard! Regular pressure cleaning of your concrete driveway will remove the build-up of dirt, grime, grease and stains while Continue reading »

Gutter cleaning is not glamorous is it?

Yet gutter cleaning is often one of the most overlooked maintenance issues around a home. To do their job well, gutters and downpipes must be clear of leaves and debris so rain water can flow away from your home to minimise any short or long term water damage to other areas of your home.
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Do you have a timber deck, balcony, patio or pergola that needs cleaning?

To keep your timber deck, balcony or pergola looking and performing at its best. Exterior House Cleaning will high pressure clean away any dirt, mould, mildew and algae to keep your timber clean and well maintained because summer in Sydney is the best place to enjoy the great outdoors… right in your own backyard.
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