What Is The Fastest And Easiest Way to Remove Moss?

A rolling stone gathers no moss — but concrete, driveways and paths do gather slippery slimy moss.

As moss grows and thrives in damp shady areas the fastest and easiest way to remove moss from concrete, walking paths, a driveway, bricks and pavers or your patio is high pressure cleaning.

Water under pressure is the most effective way to remove moss that is slippery, dangerous and hazardous.

High pressure cleaning to remove moss requires no harmful chemicals which is safer and better for the environment.

To remove moss and to minimise the risks of slipping or personal injury.

Exterior House Cleaning Sydney can high pressure clean your concrete, driveway, paths, pavers, bricks, wood and patio — making it safer around your home and even your business premises.

To remove moss from areas around your home or business premises.

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