When you look up… do the undersides of your eaves need cleaning? Dirt, mould, fungus and critters with webs love the underside of the eaves around the exterior of your home. The eaves or the section of roof that overhangs the wall is the perfect environment for dirt, mould, fungus, insects and bugs to flourish.

High pressure cleaning around the exterior of a home can produce amazing results. Exterior house cleaning pressure cleaned the exterior stairs of a customers home and the before and after results certainly had the WOW factor.

What’s a “Soft Wash?” Soft wash is a process used for washing the exterior of your home and surfaces which can be damaged easily. The process involves applying an eco friendly chemical with a soft broom and using the broom as the cleaning cloth if you like to remove dirt, grime, mould and years of […]

Yes we can do this for you. At the same time we quote to clean the exterior of your home … simply walk around with Peter or Trevor and show them exactly what outdoor furniture you would like pressure cleaned. If the outdoor furniture is timber not only can we pressure clean it … if […]