Gutter cleaning is not glamorous is it? Yet gutter cleaning is often one of the most overlooked maintenance issues around a home. To do their job well, gutters and downpipes must be clear of leaves and debris so rain water can flow away from your home to minimise any short or long term water damage […]

There’s no doubt… the colour of the leaves on the trees are great this time of year. Changing their colour from greens to shades of browns and yellows. Nature is a wonderful thing. The leaves fall to the ground, get blown around by the wind. Go back into the earth or fill up your gutters. […]

Bring On Spring! Now the cold, grey days of winter are about to leave us for another year. It’s the perfect time to give the exterior of your home a thorough spring clean. As most of us proud home owners tackle the inside first (because it’s warmer) … it’s always a good idea to include […]

We all pay attention to our internal housekeeping – what about the external house cleaning basics? Any surface that is exposed to natures elements needs to be cleaned often, your homes exterior surfaces are no exception. Any outside area from bricks, timber to concrete are subjected to the wind, rain, dust, pollution and more on […]