Are you looking for an after hours high pressure cleaning service in Sydney? At Exterior House Cleaning Sydney our after hours pressure cleaning services include: Hospitality, restaurant and retail pressure cleaning. Graffiti removal, office and commercial concrete, driveway, window, brick or tile pressure cleaning. As well as the after hours high pressure cleaning of hotels, […]

Gutter cleaning is not glamorous is it? Yet gutter cleaning is often one of the most overlooked maintenance issues around a home. To do their job well, gutters and downpipes must be clear of leaves and debris so rain water can flow away from your home to minimise any short or long term water damage […]

There’s no doubt… the colour of the leaves on the trees are great this time of year. Changing their colour from greens to shades of browns and yellows. Nature is a wonderful thing. The leaves fall to the ground, get blown around by the wind. Go back into the earth or fill up your gutters. […]

What’s a “Soft Wash?” Soft wash is a process used for washing the exterior of your home and surfaces which can be damaged easily. The process involves applying an eco friendly chemical with a soft broom and using the broom as the cleaning cloth if you like to remove dirt, grime, mould and years of […]

Exterior House Cleaning recommends our customers prepare for their exterior house wash by following these 5 simple steps … Remove any clothes from your clothes line. Make certain all the windows are closed and place any old towels on window sills that potentially leak and under doors. Remove all pet bowls and cages for the […]

Bring On Spring! Now the cold, grey days of winter are about to leave us for another year. It’s the perfect time to give the exterior of your home a thorough spring clean. As most of us proud home owners tackle the inside first (because it’s warmer) … it’s always a good idea to include […]

Over the years, you’ve probably used and owned different kinds of power tools and equipment. From that power drill to the chainsaw, now you find yourself thinking about pressure washing your home. Do you buy one and do the job yourself … or could hiring a professional pressure cleaner make it simpler for you? Pressure […]

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