Does your concrete driveway need high pressure cleaning to remove the signs of constant wear and tear? As you’re aware your concrete driveway works hard! Regular pressure cleaning of your concrete driveway will remove the build-up of dirt, grime, grease and stains while

This is certainly not a problem for Exterior House Cleaning Sydney as it’s our equipment that gives the pressure required to clean concrete driveways and paths. All that’s required is access to an outdoor tap. Our pressure washing equipment does not require any electrical outlets to operate at full capacity.

Unfortuneately, concrete is pourous and soaks up the oil, therefore we will clean it to the highest standard possible … but it will leave behind stains that no high pressure cleaning can remove. Although the stains will be lighter… unless you consider re-concrete your driveway or garage flooring … they will always be noticeable. Again […]

Since you’re thinking of getting your home or property professionally pressure cleaned. Here’s where you can you find more about quality exterior house cleaning in the Sydney area. Firstly, deciding to have your home area professionally pressure cleaned is making a wise investment. Here’s why … Did you know that with regular exterior house cleaning, […]