Is exterior house washing safe for family pets?

We have often been asked if we recommend temporary housing for family pets while the exterior of the home is being pressure cleaned…

Temporary housing is not nessecary. Trevor and I are family men with pets of our own. As they are an important part of any family — we just ask that you remove any pet bowls away from the exterior of the house — so that no residue from the house wash finds its way into the bowls.

Please remember to return your pet bowls with fresh clean water after your house has been cleaned.

As “Fido” can be a familys best friend why not consider getting the kennels cleaned too. Exterior House Cleaning Sydney will add that special touch to “Fido’s” house … not only pressure cleaning and washing it … we will give it a spray over with a eucalyptus sanitizer as well. Fido will think it’s Christmas.

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