Exterior House Wash – Instant Street Appeal

Yes your home is your castle. And surprisingly, to keep one of your most valuable asset in peak condition … is as simple and easy as a regular exterior house wash.

Because a low pressure or soft wash on the exterior of your home will remove the build-up of everyday dirt, grime, slimy stuff, cobwebs or those sometimes unseen highly toxic mould spores.

More importantly … an external house wash will remove the toxic mould spores that can present serious allergies and further health risks to you and your family.

Also, exterior house cleaning is one of the simplest and quickest ways to prepare … or to improve the appearance of your home when …

  • You’re ready to re-paint and spruce up your home
  • You’re preparing to sell your home now … or in the spring
  • You’re having a major celebration at your home … like a reception or party
  • You’re just wanting the cleanest, most desirable looking house in your street

A low pressure, exterior house wash (or soft wash) is the answer.

You see, it’s fast, it’s chemically friendly, it’s water wise and the results from an exterior house wash are INSTANT!

You will see the exterior of your home from the roof, the gutters, eaves, your pool surrounds, your outdoor decking, shades and sails, your tennis court, pathways, retaining walls, balconies, windows, screens … all the way to your stenciled or concrete driveway and even your oil soaked garage floor … all look a million dollars in just a few short hours.

Not only do residential homes benefit from an exterior house wash. Home or strata units, industrial or commercial buildings … also reap the instant benefits from regular exterior low pressure soft wash or outdoor high pressure cleaning.

For exterior house washing and high pressure cleaning of residential homes, commercial or industrial buildings … Exterior House Cleaning Sydney now happily service these areas of Sydney for your convenience.

Talk to Peter on 0410 630 443 to arrange an external house wash today.

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