Contractor Insurance And How Does It Effect You You may be considering which contractor do I get in to do a certain job around your home. Should you shop around for the cheapest … or should you shop for the contractor with the complete package? As part of a complete package — insurance MUST be […]

Exterior House Cleaning recommends our customers prepare for their exterior house wash by following these 5 simple steps … Remove any clothes from your clothes line. Make certain all the windows are closed and place any old towels on window sills that potentially leak and under doors. Remove all pet bowls and cages for the […]

Yes we can do this for you. At the same time we quote to clean the exterior of your home … simply walk around with Peter or Trevor and show them exactly what outdoor furniture you would like pressure cleaned. If the outdoor furniture is timber not only can we pressure clean it … if […]

This is certainly not a problem for Exterior House Cleaning Sydney as it’s our equipment that gives the pressure required to clean concrete driveways and paths. All that’s required is access to an outdoor tap. Our pressure washing equipment does not require any electrical outlets to operate at full capacity.

Unfortuneately, concrete is pourous and soaks up the oil, therefore we will clean it to the highest standard possible … but it will leave behind stains that no high pressure cleaning can remove. Although the stains will be lighter… unless you consider re-concrete your driveway or garage flooring … they will always be noticeable. Again […]

We have often been asked if we recommend temporary housing for family pets while the exterior of the home is being pressure cleaned… Temporary housing is not nessecary. Trevor and I are family men with pets of our own. As they are an important part of any family — we just ask that you remove […]

Exterior House Cleaning Sydney specialise in high pressure cleaning and yes we can restore your stone to its natural glory. Please take the time to view our photo gallery where you’ll see before and after shots of the sandstone walls that we have pressured cleaned and the instant results achieved.

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